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Nexus World Services


The philosophy behind the Nexus suite of products is simple— how can we make life easier for hotel sales teams so that sales people can spend more time selling?

The answer is Total Sales Management for Hotels, an off-the-shelf solution that combines:

The Nexus suite of products is built on the versatile worXcentral™ database. All applications are available individually or integrated as a powerful whole: Total Sales Management. 

Nexus also integrates with existing hotel systems such as CRS, PMS or SFA to ensure that processes are efficient and data is consistent and current.


For hotels, ease of use is a must. In RFPworX a bid response takes 5 minutes!

Demo Nexus RFP: Corporate

Demo Nexus RFP: Consortia

1 October 2014 - Nexus World Services Appoints New EMEA Business Development Director - Nexus World Services, Inc. ("Nexus") has appointed Tom Goldscheider as Director Business Development EMEA.
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5 December 2013 - NEXUS OPENS FIRST ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL OFFICE - Nexus World Services, a leading provider of sales management and RFP services to the hotel industry, today announced the opening of its first office in the Asia Pacific region located in Singapore.   [ Read more + ]

When you subscribe to Nexus products, you don't just buy into a system, you join the Nexus Community. This valuable network is a group of experienced and knowledgeable team members working collaboratively with clients to reach targets and expand productivity of key.       [  Read More +  ]

Nexus Community Forums 2013:
European Forum:
Budapest, April 17-18

North American Forum
Denver, May (Dates TBC)

Trade Shows Nexus will be attending in 2013:  
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Talk to us! We understand. Most of us at Nexus at some time during our careers have walked in our clients' footsteps, so we know the challenges involved in selling hotel rooms. Our goal is to make life easier for hotel sales teams so that sales people can focus on what they do best: selling. [ Read more + ]

Geoff Andrew, Managing Director here: One of my favourite soapbox speeches is to bemoan the last-in-line status of Sales departments when it comes to being properly equipped with the technology to do the job. In Dickensian terms, the poor Sales Director is Oliver, timidly raising a hand in budget meetings: "Please Sir, may I have some more.... laptops?" But maybe I'm being a little unfair on the organization. All too of ... [  Read More +  ]